About Us

Who we are and why we are here

The Better Days for Men Foundation is  a Scottish registered charity that aims to provide useful information, support and hope to men who have fallen on hard times and are suffering hardship.

It was founded by Scottish solicitor Yousif Ahmed, Esq. after he and some friends identified a distinct lack of support for men who were going through difficulties or suffering hardship. With the support of his fellow Trustees, he founded our charity so that there was somewhere men could turn to in their time of need.

Our charity is primarily – although not exclusively – concerned with providing support to the male demographic within society. We recognise that certain issues in life can adversely affect men and place them at a disadvantage. In addition to our primary demographic, we also welcome enquiries from mothers, sisters, family members and friends of men seeking information.

We have in general some broad areas of focus which you might have seen on our homepage. Within each area, we can focus on certain relevant and pertinent issues which can adversely impact on men, some examples of which are highlighted on the Support page.

We seek to address relevant issues in a general sense and provide a broad platform of support and hope to help afflicted men overcome their adversity and hardship to find better days.

At the present time, we run and operate with very limited amounts of funds and as such, we are a part-time project and operate on a part-time basis. Each of our Trustees provides their own time and assistance to the charity on a pro-bono basis.

Our Trustees

Our Trustees are professional individuals who come from different backgrounds. Each Trustee is able to bring knowledge and expertise from their own professional background to provide insight and support on our various areas of focus.

Yousif Ahmed LLB (Hons), DipLP, NP

Award-winning International Scottish Lawyer

Our Chief Executive Officer (CEO) & Chairman

Yousif is a Solicitor and Notary Public. He has a keen interest in charitable work and in offering his time and assistance to help people, particularly those in need or suffering hardship. Some of the pro-bono campaign work he has led has featured in mainstream press reports.

Dr Rafi Ahmed MBChB

Doctor of Medicine

Dr Rafi is a Junior Doctor and brings valuable knowledge from his experiences in Medicine. He has a particular focus on physical and psychological health issues that men can be affected by.


Mr Ajay Singh

Secondary School PE Teacher

Ajay is a school PE teacher and qualified sports coach. He is passionate about young peoples’ health and wellbeing and in supporting them to achieve their potential. He brings knowledge and experience from the education and sports sectors.


Our Trustees are supported by a small team of select volunteers and caseworkers, all of whom provide their time and assistance on a flexible, part-time basis.

Together with our partner organisations and agencies, we all help to deliver our charity’s aims and objectives.

Our Supporters

We are grateful to all donors, sponsors and partner organisations for supporting our charitable foundation, be it through donations, sponsorship or support in kind.

We are proud to highlight some of our past and present supporters, and we also extend our thanks to supporters who have preferred to remain anonymous.

They all help us achieve #betterdaysformen.

A special thanks to the team at Adeo Group for all their support with our website development.

We would also like to thank Kualo for providing our web hosting under their superb web hosting for charities initiative.

How Can You Help?

Please consider supporting us by making a donation through the Donation button on our website. It links directly to the Paypal Giving Fund and is a safe and secure way to make your donation.

Your contribution – however big or small – can make a big difference and help us to keep running our website, our support services and outreach programs. With your help, we can also develop and extend our services further to provide even more help, support and hope to men who have fallen on hard times and are suffering hardship.


If you have any ideas about helping us to achieve our aims and objectives or would like to get involved then

please do get in touch! We would love to hear from you.