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A warm welcome to The Better Days for Men Foundation!

We are a Scottish registered charity with a simple yet vitally important aim: to provide information, advice, support and ultimately hope to men who have fallen on hard times and are suffering hardship.

Certain issues in life can adversely affect men and place them at a disadvantage, both at personal and societal levels. By recognising and identifying these issues, we hope to provide a broad platform of support and hope to help affected men overcome their adversity and hardship and find better days.

“We hear of many cases where men are adversely affected by certain issues in life and they end up going through a really tough time in their lives – they’ve fallen on hard times and are suffering hardship – but there is a distinct lack of help and support available to them. We provide somewhere men can turn to for support in their time of need.

We also help to raise awareness and try to tackle certain issues which can adversely impact on men. 

We are passionate about this and ultimately, we want to give hope to men who have fallen on hard times and are suffering hardship.”

Yousif Ahmed, Esq.
Chief Executive

In our first blog post, we are delighted to celebrate the launch of our brand new website. We set out with a vision to implement a simple yet colourful and positively inspiring theme and we are delighted with the new look. We extend a big thank you to the fabulous team at Adeo Group for all their support with our website development.

As you may already know, our website is the gateway to our support services. We invite your enquiry and you can contact us to see how we might be able to help.

At this point in time, we a part-time project and operate on a part-time basis. We aim to respond to all enquiries within a reasonable timeframe and we actively extend our support on the basis of our available resources, which can vary from time to time. 

As we are relatively new, we are are a ‘work in progress’ and aim to develop our digital platform over time. If you would like to contribute and become involved, then please do reach out to us! We would love to hear from you.

Through our website, you can access advice and information together with our support. We invite contributions towards our blogs where we aim to share inspiring real-life stories and accounts of men overcoming their difficulties and hardship. In the future, we hope to make available an interactive online forum where users can interact in a safe and non-judgemental online environment. A place where they can share their thoughts and experiences on relevant issues and support each other. We also have ideas of further projects down the line. In the meantime, we are delighted to share and welcome you to our new website.

That’s all for now – please stay connected with us and thank you for supporting us.

Together, we can help to achieve #betterdaysformen.

The Team @The Better Days for Men Foundation

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